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Nice things happen too

Do you often feel down when you read news? Yet there are so many people out there doing amazing things helping to solve many of our problems. How come we so rarely get to see these mentioned in the news?

Uplifters (browser plugin) is here to take care of this and add a couple of positive news to your daily digest.

Hand-picked news about nature, environment, business and constructive actions from around the internet, one per day or two.

You can install it for Brave, Chrome and Edge here.
Version for Firefox is coming soon.


Hi, my name is Marko. I'm a software developer and I love to experiment with different ideas. Life online is getting difficult and I'm trying to improve small parts of it.

You can support my work on Uplifters on Patreon! It takes several hours every week to look for the best news and to keep the code up-to-date. (And I don't even write any of the articles...)

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Privacy policy of Uplifters can be found here. In short, Uplifters don't use cookies but we do store information about page visits, namely country, city, time and what page you visited.

Credits go to all writers of the articles we show to you.
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